Presented in English, the Multicultural Group hosts a global spectrum of colours that include: contemporary ideas, artists, events, news, community billboards, and a world of music. A variety of traditional, contemporary and interesting fusions, from across the planet, nationally, and locally.

1st Week – Multicultural Magazine

Maureen Mopio presents a PNG focused multicultural program.

2nd Week – Multicultural Magazine

World Music buff, Rick Heritage, features another Multicultural Magazine of National, Local and International world music releases and interviews with artists that also include news on upcoming national and local events and festivals.

3rd Week – Timeless Music with Mereana Wilson

Maureen Mopio presents a PNG focused multicultural program.

4th Week – OluRoots Show

In an African stylee. DJ OluRoots spins out the Afro fusion and urban vibes from the clubs both here and Africa.

5th Week – Special Feature Program

Kaleidoscope’s newly minted broadcasters give a fresh work out of an ever increasing diversity of subjects.

Previous Programs

3 Aug 2022, 2pm

3 Aug 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

27 Jul 2022, 2pm

27 Jul 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

20 Jul 2022, 2pm

20 Jul 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

13 Jul 2022, 2pm

13 Jul 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

6 Jul 2022, 2pm

6 Jul 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

29 Jun 2022, 2pm

29 Jun 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

22 Jun 2022, 2pm

22 Jun 2022, 2pm Kaleidoscope

15 Jun 2022, 3pm

15 Jun 2022, 3pm Kaleidoscope