Hobe which translates to ‘hug’ in Kinyarwanda is the name of the Kinyarwanda Program on Radio 4EB 98.1fm

Hobe Australia (Rwandan Voice) aims to reach across and Australia, back to Rwanda and to diaspora Rwandan communities across the world.  Our mission is to connect and amplify the voices of our communities (Kinyarwanda speakers and listeners). 

The weekly program will inspire individuals and communities both young and mature through coverage of local and international entertainment, business and general news, in addition to promoting culture, language and local events, services and other happenings of interest to our communities. 

Hobe Australia (Kinyarwanda Voice) Yiteguye kumva no kwakira ibitekerezo bya: abantu badukrikira, nabandi bafatanya bikorwa murwego rwo kugirango tugere kuntego twiyemeje.

Previous Programs

28 Nov 2021, 6pm

28 Nov 2021, 6pm Hobe Australia – 28 November 2021

21 Nov 2021, 6pm

21 Nov 2021, 6pm Hobe Australia – 21 November 2021

14 Nov 2021, 6pm

14 Nov 2021, 6pm Hobe Australia – 14 November 2021

7 Nov 2021, 6pm

7 Nov 2021, 6pm Hobe Australia – 7 November 2021

31 Oct 2021, 6pm

31 Oct 2021, 6pm Hobe Australia – 31 October 2021