In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Israeli Jewish immigrants to Queensland and, as a result, the need arose for a local radio program to broadcast in the Hebrew language.

The Israeli radio program will be broadcast live every Monday between the hours of 2.00pm – 3.00pm. The program is presented by the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies and the State Zionist Council of Queensland.

The program will highlight issues, events and news that affects the South East Queensland Hebrew speaking population, and share some of the Israeli music – known and loved by many.

Previous Programs

22 Sep 2023, 2pm

22 Sep 2023, 2pm Hebrew Brisbane

15 Sep 2023, 2pm

15 Sep 2023, 2pm Hebrew Brisbane

8 Sep 2023, 2pm

8 Sep 2023, 2pm Hebrew Brisbane

1 Sep 2023, 2pm

1 Sep 2023, 2pm Hebrew Brisbane

25 Aug 2023, 2pm

25 Aug 2023, 2pm Hebrew Brisbane

18 Aug 2023, 9:06am

18 Aug 2023, 9:06am Hebrew Brisbane

7 Aug 2023, 8am

7 Aug 2023, 8am Hebrew Brisbane

31 Jul 2023, 8am

31 Jul 2023, 8am Hebrew Brisbane