This community program has been on the air for over twenty years and continues to cover a broad range of community issues through topical live studio interviews each week, hosted for many years by Bep Torkington. Bep retired from Focus program in mid 2020, and from the Dutch program in December of the same year after volunteering as a broadcaster for 30 years.

The program is currently hosted by Irene Bayldon Tavutavu and follows the same format.

Interviewees are from all walks of life, such as the arts including ballet and music, government Ministers and Office of Fair Trading, and dignitaries such as former Governors of Queensland as well as volunteers in welfare organisations and charities.

Previous Programs

22 Feb 2024, 12pm

22 Feb 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

15 Feb 2024, 12pm

15 Feb 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

8 Feb 2024, 12pm

8 Feb 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

1 Feb 2024, 12pm

1 Feb 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

25 Jan 2024, 12pm

25 Jan 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

18 Jan 2024, 12pm

18 Jan 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

11 Jan 2024, 12pm

11 Jan 2024, 12pm Focus (English)

4 Jan 2024, 12pm

4 Jan 2024, 12pm Focus (English)