Hosted by Julio Correa & guests, First Nations of The World’s purpose is to provide a platform of discussion whilst at the same time sharing issues focusing on First Nations of the World with an emphasis on Latin America’s first peoples and their often threatened natural environments. 

The program focuses on the experiences of the myriad of newly settled Australians of “ethnic backgrounds” whom identify themselves with a First Nation’s identity within their own recognised ethnic communities i.e. Spanish/South and Central American. 

The program aims to facilitate awareness of local members of different First Nation’s ethnic communities and individuals among recently arrived migrants to Australia. It seeks to also facilitate the showcasing of their music and story-telling; of sacrifice but also of their success through adversity.

The program is aimed at supporting and encouraging those now living in Australia but are still wanting to connect with their original lands and cultures.

Previous Programs

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14 Sep 2022

14 Sep 2022 First Nations of the World – 14 September 2022

7 Sep 2022

7 Sep 2022 First Nations of the World – 7 September 2022