Earliest records show that the Fijian Group commenced it’s on-air journey with 4EB in 1985. The first committee  formed consisted of Mosese Tagivetaua, Aminiasi Laveta, Isikele Tuirabe, Kelevi Rogica, Boyan Crompton, Moriti Nabuta and Agie Gutugutuwai.

The first programs were 90 mins in duration. The group’s membership fluctuated with the comings and goings of university students and only a small population of permanent residents in Brisbane. At one point there were insufficient members for the program to survive. Fortunately it was only a short time and a new committee saw the revival of the program “Nai Rogo Mai Viti” with a 45 minute program on Saturday evenings.

By 2003 the membership increased and by September we secured another 45 minute program on Friday evenings. This program produced by the Youth, was christened “Dua Viti FM”.

At the time we also commenced an overnight program knwn as “Vuka Bogi” on the first Saturday of the month. This program continues now from midnight until 6am. The first two hours from midnight until 2am is filled with popular music. From 2am until 5am you can listen to a unique music mix of Gospel, Popular and Choir music. From 5am until 6am is usually a Church Service with Gospel music.

Previous Programs

24 Jun 2022, 10pm

24 Jun 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

17 Jun 2022, 10pm

17 Jun 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

10 Jun 2022, 10pm

10 Jun 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

3 Jun 2022, 10pm

3 Jun 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

27 May 2022, 10pm

27 May 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

20 May 2022, 10pm

20 May 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

13 May 2022, 10pm

13 May 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)

6 May 2022, 10pm

6 May 2022, 10pm Dua Viti FM (Fijian)