The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afro-asiatic language family originating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 470 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, as well as in large expatriate communities in North America and Europe. The terminology was first used in the 1780s by German orientalists von Schlözer and Eichhorn, who derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million), Amharic (22 million), Tigrinya (7 million), and Hebrew (unknown; 6 million native and non-native L1 speakers).

Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur’an. Arabic is closely associated with the religion of Islam because the Qur’an is written in the language, but it is nevertheless also spoken by Arab Christians, Mizrahi Jews and Iraqi Andeans.

Currently Christians live in the Middle East and North Africa speaks Arabic due to the Arab and Islamic conquests in those areas. And The Islamic conquests introduced Arabic to new non-Arab regions.

As in other Semitic languages, Arabic has a complex and unusual morphology, The Arabic alphabet derives from the Aramaic through Nabatean, to which it bears a loose resemblance like that of Coptic or Cyrillic scripts to Greek script.

The oral poetic tradition had been alive and well for centuries in the Arabian Peninsula before it was eventually recorded. Arab poets blossomed in the 6th century AD but their work was not recorded or written down until the 8th or 9th century AD.

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