The Romanian Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 1 April 1990 and the first committee members were:

Liviu Nastase, Stefan Radu, Titu Paun, Elena Chelaru and Tudor Nastase.

Romania lays in South-East of Central Europe, at equal distance from the continental limits (North, West and East – 2.900 km), in the lower basin of the Danube and on the Black Sea’s eastern coast.

Romania is bordered by five states, the sixth neighbor being the Black Sea.

Republic of Moldova is at the east (681.3 km of border).

Ukraine lays in the north and east with 649.4 km of the border.

Romania has at the east 193.5 km coast of the Black Sea.

Most of the southern border is with Bulgaria (631.3 km).

Serbia is at the south-west (546.4 km) and Hungary at the west (448 km).