The Radio Panel Training course is available to all Radio 4EB members who are already involved in broadcasting programs. This is a great opportunity to become further involved in your own language group or participate in Radio 4EB Projects.

This is a hands-on highly practical course in panel operation and you will be learning a real skill. The training is delivered in a supportive learning environment and could be a pathway towards a career in the media industry.

Producing and broadcasting a programme for radio can be fun and exciting. Whether as a hobby or as a stepping stone to a career in broadcasting. Producing your own radio program requires patience, dedication and confidence. These skills don’t come naturally; they are the result of hours of practice, and above all training.

Radio 4EB conducts Radio Panel Course intakes on a monthly basis and take place over 4 weeks and all applicants must hold a current Broadcaster’s license and be a financial member of 4EB.

You must be available for all sessions each week. While there is some flexibility, there isn’t capacity to deliver additional catch up training sessions outside the below times. If you miss a session you can retake the training in the following month or use the training material to catch yourself up, or defer to the next months training session.

Training Details

Week 1 – Introduction to Studio Broadcast Equipment

Learn about the ‘Studio Checklist’, setting microphone levels, cueing CD’s, introduction to program runsheets and basic panel instruction. The first session is very ‘nuts & bolts’, focusing on the functions of all the buttons and faders. 

Week 2 – Learn more about the studio computer programs

You’ll learn about Audacity, the freeware audio editing software, mAirlist, the radio playout program, the sponsorship system and the phone system.

Week 3 – Learn about Studio Control and the Digital Studios

3 minute – 1-minute rule for changing studios and selecting pre-recorded programs to air. By now you should be familiar with the panel and basics of cueing items to go to air. This week you’ll learn more about our digital service and it’s studio operations.

Week 4 – Test Week! (Or more practice)

If you’re feeling practiced enough to take the test, all good to go. If more practice is required, the following round of panel trainee’s will have their test in a month’s time, giving you an extra month to practice practice practice.

During the course all panel trainees are expected to complete between 3 – 4 hours of studio practice before being able to sit for their practical and written test which normally occurs in the final week or more importantly when you are confident and ready. The practical test involves being able to operate the panel while following a running sheet.

Session Details

Panel training takes place over 4 consecutive weeks. Sessions are delivered on Tuesday night or Friday morning. You must be available to attend each of these sessions consecutively as there is no capacity for additional catch up training outside of these times. If you miss a session you can use the training material to catch yourself up, or defer to the next months training session.


Here is a link to the Panel Training resources if you’d like to have a bit of a read ahead.

Here is a link to the Broadcaster Induction Resources if you’d like to revisit the basics of broadcasting.

If your circumstances change and you can no longer attend the training session, please contact the office on 3240 8600 or send an email to [email protected].