The Niuean Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 27 October 2007.

Current Committee

Convenor: Safanua Hawkins.

Secretary: Lakahemana Muisifa Tapatuetoa.

Treasurer: Jimmy Heka.

Vice Convenor: Kautau Taleni.

Committee member: Elisi Sionetali.

The un-spoilt beautiful island country of Niue is located approximately at 19km south of the Equator. It lies 386 km east from Tonga, 900 km west from Cook Islands and approx. 2200 km northeast from New Zealand. Its time zone is GMT + 11 and is 23 hours behind the New Zealand time.

The island is almost round in shape and has emerged out of the isolated top of a volcano with a circumference of just 64 km and an area of approximately 260 square kilometers or 100 square miles. Almost 25-30% of the island is covered with virgin dense rainforests. The Island is just 69 meters above the sea level and has use sharp cliffs which are exposed limestone and live coral reefs all along the circumference.

Most parts of the coast rise straight 20-30 meters out of the sea and the coastline has more caves and coves than the beaches. Niue is one of the big island in the region as its size is more that the size of the entire 15 Cooks Islands.  Niue has just about 1600 persons as its population living in just 14 villages scattered across the island. The island is covered with dense rainforest and the rest of the area is used for agriculture.

Niue uses the New Zealand Dollar as its official currency and uses the same electrical equipment as in New Zealand that is 240volts at 50 Hz. The Niuean uses the native Niuean and English language. Passports are essential for entry in the country. Niue offers tourists visa fro 30 days to visitors provided they have their onward tickets. The administration charges a universal NZ$25 fees on all except for children below 12 who are exempt.

Being just 19km south of the equator, the island 0fNiue is tropical that is never too cold and has just two seasons “the wet season” December-March, and “the dry season” April – November. The average yearly temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius and the humidity that often reaches 88%. The Average annual rainfall received is 218 cm, and it rains almost for 170 days in a year.