On 28 April this year, 4EB received Trina Massey, Greens Councillor from the Gabba Ward, to talk with The Wire’s journalist Netta Finney about he future projects within the Brisbane City Council’s ward.

Trina Massey came into the position after Jonathan Sriranganathan stepped down after seven years representing the constituents of the Gabba Ward as the first Greens councillor in Queensland.

Trina discussed how she sees Brisbane in the future and her policies around infrastructure, homelessness, green spaces, and the arts sector. She was appointed Councillor on 2 May 2023.

Trina is a proud queer woman and immigrant of Filipino and African American ethnicity, bringing a more diverse Council.

Thanks so much for coming over to the station, Trina! We hope it’s not the last time you visit us!