On Wednesday March 9th Radio 4EB was delighted to welcome to the station, Federal Minister for International Development and the Pacific and Senator for the ACT, the Hon Zed Seselja, alongside Senator for Queensland, the Hon Senator Paul Scarr, Chair of the Economics Legislation Committee, Deputy Chair of the Economics References Committee (and avid Radio 4EB supporter). 

Both Senators enjoyed a tour of the station premises, the opportunity to learn more about Radio 4EB and to see firsthand the discipline, research, preparation, and dedication that goes into delivering programs in over 50 languages every week to connect culturally diverse communities across Southeast Queensland. Followed by an afternoon tea where the Minister and Senator Scarr had the opportunity to meet with Radio 4EB members, particularly those from Pacifica communities, to conclude, Minister Seselja headed up into the studio and conducted several in-depth interviews with Fijian, Samoan, PNG and other Radio 4EB programs.

Senators Visit Radio 4EB