Hi Everyone,

Another huge month here at Radio 4EB.

Firstly, throughout August we’ve been thrilled to be The Queensland Government’s official media partner for the 2022 Multicultural Queensland Month (MQM) www.qld.gov.au/multiculturalmonth 

The state’s largest multicultural celebration of our diversity, this year the focus of MQM has been on a) considering how to put inclusion into action and b) how language is fundamental to building a truly inclusive Queensland.

As Queenslanders we speak an incredible number of languages and dialects and practice a broad range of faiths – which as the states only multilingual broadcaster we embrace implicitly. This last month has seen Radio 4EB acknowledge the incredible skills of multilingual Queenslanders whilst exploring practical ways to break down language barriers. Assisting people to consider the role we all play by choosing to use language that connects rather than divides us.

As part of the MQM partnership, we are also producing a podcast series called ‘Inclusion In Action’. Titled in keeping with the MQM 2022 theme, the series is about moving beyond the rhetoric towards the true practicalities of what an inclusive society looks like. Listen on Spotify @ https://open.spotify.com/show/4YBAGzZkeafiif0iPu0zBD

The other big news this month is – via an exciting new partnership between ourselves and long-standing North Queensland based cultural organisation Arts Nexus – the formal announcement of the opening of the first Radio 4EB regional office – in Cairns. Arts Nexus work across the region to support creative people, communities, and industries.

With Radio 4EB holding a physical presence at their well-appointed Babinda digital recording studio / office, Arts Nexus will be contributing to enhancing our regional content across a range of programs and programming at Radio 4EB. This will include producing podcasts and aural histories as well as a significant role in our Walkley Foundation / Facebook funded emerging journalist training and broadcasting programs as well as our national masthead ‘The Wire’.   

Info on everything below!

Till next month,

Jo Pratt