Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 4th issue of “Sharing the World with You“.

Big news at Radio 4EB this month is that we’re reaching the final stages of our subscriber and membership drive! Airing in over fifty languages the backbone of Radio 4EB is the dedication of our presenters / volunteers and the invaluable services they provide for our listeners and communities. At only $40 or $30 respectively ($10 off for concession), memberships and subscriptions go a long way to covering the day-to-day costs of running of the station including training, technical support, and studio equipment.

If you’d like to host or produce your own radio show (or podcast), support one of our existing radio program’s (you can choose), or just support the station in general – please check out our lead article for this month below and head to www.4eb.org.au/subscribe for more info.

Kindest Regards,