Arts Nexus and Radio 4EB are thrilled to announce their new partnership.  Based in far north Queensland, Arts Nexus is a non-government, “for-purpose” long-standing cultural organisation working across the region to support creative people, communities, and industries.  With a physical presence at their well-appointed Babinda digital recording studio, Arts Nexus will contribute their skills to enhancing regional content across a range of programs and programming at Radio 4EB, including producing podcasts and aural histories. 

In addition to creating and delivering content, this strategic partnership will increase the scope for audience development for regional content and facilitate opportunities for those interested from far North Queensland to participate in training opportunities, including Community Journalism through Radio 4EB’s training partner, CMTO.   

Arts Nexus Studio is a community-access digital recording studio that has been gathering stories for the past five years. Now with recently upgraded equipment, the stories will be released in partnership with Radio 4EB via their DAB+ platform Global Digital and broadcast across podcast sites like GooglePlay and Spotify. This is a first of its kind in the region, with unique stories being told from creatives, writers, performers, historians, full of history, intrigue, and colourful regional characters.

Podcast Residency!

A great initial opportunity provided through this new partnership is a Podcast Residency for southeast Queensland-based storytellers to travel to Far North Queensland, be based in a tropical setting with access to bush walks, swimming holes and rugged beaches.  Arts Nexus will support you to find ways to stretch your reach and invite regional storytellers to join your podcast as guests and vice versa, share your stories with regional podcasters and of course support audience development. Contact Melissa on [email protected] | 0412 570 701 for more information.  Follow Arts Nexus on Facebook and Instagram & like and comment or subscribe to their newsletter on