Polls leading up to the New South Wales state election are suggesting a Labor victory under a hung parliament, calling into question, who will Chris Minns need to deal with to form government.

The leader of the opposition has made it clear that he will not be affording the Greens party special deals or parliamentary positions in order to form government.

The already large cross-bench is also expected to grow, providing opportunity for Labor to form government without the Greens’ assistance.

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Produced By: Jono Wakeley

Featured In Story: Penny Sharpe – Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council – Shadow Minister of Environment and Heritage, Jenny Leong – Greens Party Member of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales – Representative of the Electorate of Newtown, and Dr Stewart Jackson – Senior Lecturer of Political Sciences at the University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 15 March 2023