We are now offering OB Van & Voice Recorder training as a package. 

OB Van Induction Training
For all the newbies, the 4EB OB Van is our Outside broadcasting Van enabling you to take our van and broadcast your program live or have a digital set up and simply be a radio stall at events location for your program or group.

If you are new to our OB Van and you’d like to book the OB Van occasionally to do more outside broadcasting for your programs at events and be present in community, you will need:

  • Provide and bring along a valid drivers license. Your license must be an opens driver licence (Auto or Manual). You must ensure that your license is not suspended.
  • Book in and undertake the OB Van induction training for one session

The OB Van Induction training includes:

  • A step by step walk through of how to use the vehicle
  • What lives inside the vehicle – Equipment & Tools.
  • Additional Equipment process for the OB Van
  • Broadcasting live and all the things!
  • What to do and What not to do!
  • Incident reporting and legal responsibilities
  • Overall care manual – how to take care of the vehicle upon booking and returning.

Voice Recorder Training
In addition to the OB Van Induction training, we are offering ‘Voice Recorder’ training. What is a ‘Voice Recorder’? A voice recorder is essentially a hand held digital device that records sound, saves it in file format, and transfers it to another device e.g computer. Enables you to interview out in the field, record content on the go etc. This training is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use and best utilise a voice recorder on the go and exporting content.

Sessions are held once a month every third Tuesday. Please select date option when filling out the form below.

You must register beforehand for this session and you must be a financial member. There is no capacity to take payment for memberships on the night of the session.

OB Van & Voice Recorder Training Form