Set in the faded glory of Ebbets Field Brooklyn, this production of Arthur Miller’s iconic Death of a Salesman seems to resonate strongly with the issues facing many in Australia today.

An innovative production, it stars Anthony LaPaglia who provides a nuanced performance of the tragic central character of Willy Loman – and Alison Whyte’s portrayal of his wife Linda centres the production with her sensitive delivery.  The talented cast make for a truly powerful ensemble.

Acclaimed Director Neil Armfield explains how this production evolved and some of the character development that has made this production a hit in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Image: Image:- James Houston Courtesy – GWB Entertainment and Andrew Henry

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Neil Armfield – Director, Writer – Director and Writer with credits such as Candy ,Holding the Man, Edens Lost, Cloudstreet and more

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 29 May 2024