The German Language Group at Radio 4EB attended the opening night of the German Film Festival. After a break of two years, the German Film Festival was back in Australia in 2022 and presented 26 movies within 22 days in Brisbane in the months of June, including two Austrian and two Swiss productions as well as five movies in the section ‘Kino for Kids’.

This year’s festival came at a special moment as Germany and Australia celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations, but connections between both people are of course much older, and dating way back into the 18th century.

Several movies were set during WWII showing people escaping the control of the Nazi regime or were related to the post-war era both on the eastern as well as on the western side of the Iron Curtain. However, as Germans can also act funny, a good portion of the movies were comedies and left us walking home with a big smile in our face and looking forward to the film festival next year.