Greetings to you all!

We hope your festive season was filled with joy, and you’re stepping into 2024 with a positive outlook.
Here at 4EB, nestled in our scenic corner by the river, we’re excited to share some updates as we
kick off the new year.

Before we dive into the latest, let’s take a moment to reflect on December. A big thank you to all our members who actively participated in Radiothon 2023. Special shout-outs to our fantastic sponsors—Zorba Hair, Le Spa Massage Academy, La Belle Vie Bistro Restaurant, District 41, and Thai Naramit—
for your ongoing support of the Station.  

Unfortunately, we only raised $26,570 from all our efforts, well below what a Radiothon would normally achieve for the station.  The current economic climate and volunteer capacity is something to consider this year as we continue our efforts to raise the funds for our much-needed studio upgrades.  Staff were also successful in raising an additional $135,000 in grant funding to inch us closer to our over-all $200,000 target.  

Our sincere thanks also go out to our generous donors and supporters. Your ongoing commitment is
vital to the growth of 4EB, and we truly appreciate your support.

Now, let’s dive into what’s happening at 4EB this year!

It’s that time again—subscriber and membership renewals at Radio 4EB. Memberships and subscriptions not only determine on-air time for each program but also contribute to the day-to-day running of the station, covering costs such as training, technical support, and studio equipment. Whether you want to host your own show, make new connections, volunteer, or delve into various aspects of broadcasting, a Radio 4EB membership is tailor-made for you! All the info @ 

Our youth development program, 4K WAVE, in Logan, has kicked off with Street University in Woodridge. 4EB is facilitating podcasting workshops every Thursday night from 4 pm – 7 pm, engaging with young people from diverse backgrounds.

As International Women’s Day approaches, mark your calendars for our first ‘Women’s Luncheon’ on February 24. Join us in celebrating and honouring this significant day.

Limited spots available, so don’t miss out!

On March 10, we continue the celebration of International Women’s Day with an evening of performances and the launch of the new WOW program for 2024, supporting Women of the World and the Jazz Club. Keep an eye out—tickets will be available soon.

A special shout-out to our Maori Group and extended Maori community—wishing you a happy and blessed Waitangi Day! For those who don’t know, Waitangi Day is the national day of Aotearoa – New Zealand, marking the treaty of Waitangi.

Also, a special nod to the Lunar New Year—may it bring much happiness and prosperity to all celebrating.

Stay in the loop with our e-news and follow us on social media for highlights of past events and exciting plans ahead.


Jo Pratt
Station Manager, Radio 4EB