Dear 4EB Community,

I hope this message finds you well-rested and ready to embrace the opportunities of the new year. I want to extend my gratitude to all our broadcasters for their dedication in keeping our station on air throughout the past year.

As broadcasters, we find fulfilment in preparing and delivering our programs, and I encourage you to share them with others to expand our listenership across different language groups. Let’s work together to promote Radio 4EB within our communities.

In late 2023, we discussed the financial status of our station and the Board was entrusted with seeking expert advice on investment options. We have engaged legal counsel to draft an expression of interest, inviting financial advisors to propose investment strategies for our current property. I look forward to providing updates on this process which will be shared with our 4EB members and community.

We are also keen to increase our station’s membership and invite you to participate in our ongoing membership drive. Please ensure to renew your membership or subscriber status promptly to support our operations effectively.

In addition to these efforts, as always, the station is proactive with lots of activities. This past month, we celebrated International Women’s Day with a delicious lunch, and inspiring women who shared their success stories and expertise to a room full of incredible women from many backgrounds. The event concluded with singing as is customary with 4EB’s annual luncheons. There are more exciting activities to come, so please stay tuned and join us by being a part of the Radio 4EB community to keep it vibrant!


Dr Faiza El-Higzi OAM 
The Chair – Radio 4EB