Comm. Mariangela Stagnitti

Ordine Della Stella D’Italia (OSI)

For many years I have had an affiliation with the 4EB Italian program, first as a radio announcer back in the mid 80’s, and from then on, numerous times as a guest being interviewed. My journey within the Italian community commenced quite young and continues, for the most of 40 years I have been involved with the Italian community in Brisbane initially and in my later years nationally. With a banking career of over 37 years, I have had the privilege to assist countless members of the Italian community establish themselves not only in Brisbane but Australia, either personally or as a business. My banking expertise and my knowledge of speaking and writing Italian has enabled me to collaborate with Italian and Australian authorities both here and in Italy.

I have over the years sat on a number of non for profit boards & organizations, both at local, state and interstate level, as a banker or representing the Italian community. There are companies and leaders of the community who would love to be involved in sponsoring 4EB, to reconnect with their origins. 

We have many opportunities as a community to support 4EB, via community involvement through sponsorship or donations. I have been lucky enough over the last few years to work closely with a number of other ethnic communities, such as the Brazilian community, Maltese community, the Greek community, and most current the El Salvadorian community, these communities all have ties to the Italian community through sport, business or personal connections. Due to my work, I can connect, assist and support not only the Italian community but numerous other ethnic communities.

I consider myself to have strong work ethics, high energy levels and the ability to manage multiple tasks and roles simultaneously to achieve successful outcomes. Given my extensive networks and connections in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia & Italy, I can bring to this board support, experience, extensive knowledge of the local community, and financial support from numerous private entities.

As an employee of Bendigo Bank (the only bank who prides itself as a community based Bank), we can work together to assist where we can to support you and the various multicultural communities who are part of the 4EB family.