Airing in over 50 different languages across two separate radio stations (4EB FM 98.1 and our sister station ‘Global Digital’) plus our combined digital platforms, as Queensland’s only dedicated culturally diverse broadcaster, Radio 4EB has been evolving alongside our audience and the communities we represent for nearly half a century now.

2021, whilst obviously a year filled with numerous challenges and uncertainties for many, was also a year of learning and growth. Thanks to our members, subscribers, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and listeners, in many ways the station pulled together and remarkably, managed to come out stronger than ever in 2021, ending the year with more engaged listeners than any previous year prior.

The Radio 4EB 2021 Annual Report is available for viewing now on the Radio 4EB website here. The station remains humbled that our work continues to make a palpable difference to people’s lives. In particular by keeping them connected at a time when many were isolated.