I am Ehsan Dehghan. While you may recognize me as a board member, I want to take this moment to connect with you on a more personal level. Here’s a glimpse into my background:

I was born in Mashhad, a city in north-eastern Iran, and spent my formative years there. After earning a BA in education, specializing in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, I embarked on a career as an English teacher. Although I established my own English school, I felt a void and a yearning for more learning, thinking, and writing.

This pursuit led me to Malaysia, where I pursued a master’s degree in Discourse Studies, residing and studying there for three years. Following that, I relocated to Australia for a PhD in media and communication, focusing on online discourses.

Fast forward a decade from leaving Iran, and I find myself as a Senior Lecturer in digital media at QUT, engaged in teaching and researching digital media.

My involvement with Radio 4EB stemmed from the Persian group. Currently, Reza, Hamid, and I are collaborating on a program about artificial intelligence, which will soon be part of the Persian group’s programming.

On a more personal note, here are some fun facts about me:

In my childhood, I aspired to become a zoologist.

I play various percussive instruments like Daf, Tombak, drums, and Cajon, along with a bit of guitar.

Beyond this, I embrace my inner nerdiness. I’m not a follower of any sports teams, and my preferred pastime is to sit back, enjoy good music, and contemplate profound questions!