WOW Australia & Radio 4EB

Media Project

Radio 4EB in partnership with WOW Australia presents: 

Get HEaRd, a media project for women. 

This project is proudly supported and partially funded by Brisbane City Council and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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Presentation material available for download below.

WOW (Women of the World) Festivals celebrate the achievement of women and girls and ask the hard questions about why there is not country in the world that has gender equality.  WOW Australia planned for April 2020 was cancelled as a result of lockdowns created by the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s work continues through an increasing on-line presence.  The Well is WOW Australia’s new Digital Portal where you can Watch, Listen, Read, Learn, Connect and Shop and will find a range of content to inspire, provoke, comfort and intrigue.  

The Well was always the heart of a community and the source of its most precious resource. Here, women and girls gathered to draw water, and here they garnered wisdom from their elders, shared news, stories and challenges, laughed together, learned together, and wove together the threads of community and friendship.

Radio 4EB will partner with WOW Australia to support women from across Australia through a series of workshops and mentoring to produce a range of interview-based content and podcasts about women by women. Female broadcasters and women interested in broadcasting from diverse backgrounds will be mentored by experienced broadcasters/producers and training provided in interview techniques, editing, creating programs and podcasting. 

Radio 4EB will deliver training virtually via ZOOM.  The training will be promoted via 4EB, WOW Australia, Women in Community Broadcasting Network, NEMBC and CBAA and available to women across Australia.