Women's Profile

  Women's Profile Radio Group

(2011, 2013 and 2014 NEMBC Award Winners)

On Air Fridays Midday - 1.00pm

This popular award winning informative program explores the issues involving women from all backgrounds and professions with a particular interest in volunteer and community not for profit organisations. The program strives to highlight the many achievements of women in business and community roles.

Women's Profile first went to air in 1985 and remains the longest running Brisbane Radio program that looks specifically at issues relevant to and involving women on a weekly basis. While there have been many hosts of this program over the years it continues to reach out to the community at large by concentrating on talking to guests that have a unique and entertaining story to tell.

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If you have a story or know of a story that could benefit

from appearing on Women's Profile please contact us at Radio 4EB.


Radio 4EBFM 98.1

140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Qld 4169

PO Box 7300, East Brisbane Qld 4169

Email: info@4eb.org.au

Telephone: 3240 8600