Tokelau Programme


  Malo ni!

The Tokelauan Radio Group started broadcasting in October 2011. 


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Tokelau Programme Times

Monday 1.30pm to 3.00pm


     (Eastern Standard Time,Brisbane)

Tune in to 98.1 FM, Listen Live or

listen to past shows via 'On Demand'. 

 Committee Members

Convenor - Tiso Fiaola

Vice Convenor - Sieni Esekia

Treasurer - Tito Esekia

Secretary - Simona Vavega

Other Committee members - Frank Kalolo











Mission Statement: 




Photo: Vice Convenor Sieni Esekia working the mic and broadcasting from 4EB Studio, Brisbane.  
Did you miss our last broadcast? Or can't get to the radio during our broadcast time? Don't worry, you can listen to our two most recent programs via 'On Demand'.  Just click the link on the right and select Tokelau from the drop down menu. Happy listening!  

About Tokelau

Tokelau is a largely self-governing territory of New Zealand. It consists of three small atolls of just 10 sq km in coral, located north of its fellow polynesian neighbour of Samoa.





The administrator of Tokelau says the New Zealand territory will be getting a new passenger ship in 2015 which has overdue for 10 years now. Kings says the Tokelau community had a major say in the design of the purpose-built vessel. The vessel will be replacing the MV Tokelau which reached the end of it's useful life at the end of 2011.

Kings says it is a matter of priority to New Zealand and Tokelau that the vessel provides a safe and pleasant voyage for passengers.


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