“Tangi Reka” – Good Vibes Music

3 – 5am Saturday

Relax with “Tangi Reka” Good Vibes Music. The island drums, the ukulele and the voices take you to the beautiful Cook Islands. On a golden beach enjoying the Saturday sun rise through your speakers.

“Tangi Reka” brings you Cook Islands legends from the golden years, the musical generation of today and emerging Kuki artists of tomorrow, the best in Cook Islands music over the airwaves of 4EB.


“Te Ranga i te Akirata” – A collaborative call at the break of dawn

5 -7am Saturday

Kia orana!

When is the next Cook Islands event?

Who can I connect to for Cook Islands language or dance classes?

What is the latest in Cook Islands music?

“Te Ranga i te Akirata” answers these and much more!

Broadcast weekly in Cook Islands Maori and English, “Te Ranga i te Akirata” is about connecting, promoting and maintaining Cook Islands language and culture.

“Te Ranga i te Akirata” shares and discusses the latest in local, national and international news concerning Cook Islands people in South East Queensland.

Facebook: 4EB Cook Islands show

Phone: 07-32408686

Email: ci4eb@outlook.com


Matangaro Moeroa

Maru Tou

Kevin Dando

Tupeia Dando

Stewart Kaiaruna