Get ready to hold your sides this year for Radio 4EB’s Radiothon FUNRaiser!

This year for Radiothon we just want to have some fun! Join us for a week of fun activities; both on and off air and a whole bunch of laughs while we raise money for the station we all love to call home! 

Radio 4EB wants to keep bringing you your music, your news, in your language! So that the fun & laughter can stay on the airwaves, we are asking you to give generously to keep the good times rolling!

For the week of Radiothon, the theme of discussion aims to be focused around…

F U N ! F U N ! F U N !

You can see a list of prizes by clicking the button below!

Get Involved!

What makes you laugh? What brings the tears to your eyes? What causes you to double over because you can’t breathe due to laughing so hard? Share with us your favourite jokes or that ridiculous story of yours that no-one believes is real! Be it a classic knock-knock joke, a classy pull my finger gag or a full stand up routine; we want to hear it! There are 2 x $50 Gift Cards to be won for both the best funny story and best joke!

Please use the adjacent form to share your laughs with us and the below button to donate.