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Pacific Wave

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Congratulations, you made it! You've logged onto the home of Pacific Wave ~ Oceania's tribal voice. Pacific Wave hits the airwaves of Brisbane weekly every Monday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:15pm. Join us in the fale as we unite the many voices, sounds, languages and cultures of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia in true Island Style!

Mereani Qalovakawasa preparing in the Library. Mereani was the recipient of a QUT Media Scholarship in Journalism and Creative Art this included 4EB as part of her studies in that area. Mereani has broad on both Pacific Wave and DuavitiFM. Unfortunately her heavy commitments to study have kept her away from the studios in 2012.

Special Acknowledgement...

First and foremost we take this moment to give glory, praise and thanks to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, whose divine inspiration has guided both ourselves and the show since its humble beginnings in 1999. We thank Him for His love through our trials and triumphs and trust His Word will continue to guide others in making their dreams a reality. Like the song says, dream the undreamable, reach the unreachable and achieve the unachievable and you truly will "Rise On Wings Like Eagles" (Isaiah 40:31).




Pacific Wave's main aim is to encourage both Australian-born Pacific Islanders and the broader community to come and appreciate the music of this very large and mostly undiscovered region of the world. Above all it promotes the music of the younger generation of Pacific Islanders who are currently attempting to combine traditional sounds from yester-year with the sweet vocal harmonies and up-beat tempo of the present.

We carve a mixture of the old and blend it with the new of Oceania - we then package it in our studios, add some tropical island condiments and literally pour it out onto the streets of Brisvegas for the healthy consumption of Brisbane's Pacific Islands' Youth Community.



Our Team...

The Pacific Wave family is a diverse mix of talented young Pacific islander broadcasters of all ages, each with his or her own unique style. Please meet...

SULIENI LEITI... Radio 4EB FM Tongan Announcer for past 9 years, founder of Pacific Wave. During an overseas stint he spent a year on air in New Zealand on Niu FM and two years in American Samoa on Radio KNWJ.

SALOTE... Echoing from Bula Territory, this young Uni student has our word for today and the smile to enhance any family pics. Our very own Queen Salote!

UNI... Putting the 'F' back into Fijian, both Dua Viti announcer and uni student, this sister has the charm and dedication to keep the PI party on fire.

MEREDANI... Introducing "Pacific Idol"...well, at least to us! Young, innovative and with the gift for writing, this P.A worker turns the haka into the hula.


SELITA AND VIKA... Every radio needs 'back ups' and these are our two 'Energisers'. When the canoe's empty, these two jump in to paddle.

IRENE... 4EB FM Fijian Program producer / announcer for past 12 years, no one word can sum up this busy, yet dedicated soldier for achieving the dream. She has overseen almost every tide on our beach and keeps the flags fluttering for Pacificdom.


The Show...

Are you an Islander or just a fan of PI food, people, culture, music, talent and lifestyle? If yes was your answer, then you're in the right place! Brace yourself as we break open a coconut and a can of corned beef on 4EB FM! Pacific Wave boasts an open Dedication Line, Birthday Calls, Community Announcements, Interviews with local and international PI talents, Pacific Islands News, talk-back, competitions, educational segments and cultural and spiritual awareness! These are only part of the magic that makes Pacific Wave so unique and colourful.

Pacific Wave is presented predominantly in English, as not to alienate those who are not fluent in a Pacific Island language. However, most of the musical selection is in one of the many related languages of the Pacific Islands.

The only Pacific Island groups currently represented at Radio 4EB are Cook Islands Maori (Rarotongan), Fijian, Maori, Samoan, Tokalaun and Tongan. However, Pacific Wave also broadcasts the sounds of American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, Hawaii, Kiribati, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti,  Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Wallis, Cook Islands and Futuna.


The Vision Behind The Mission...

As we once again slip from surf to sand and discover the mystery of Pacific Islands music, we can feel ourselves being drenched by the sea spray of Pacific Wave as it makes its majestic, epic voyage across the coral reefs and tiny atolls of the Pacific Ocean to the beaches of Brisbane, Australia.


Our mission is summarised clearly by the following quote...

"This program will be the beginning of our own interpretations of contemporary Pacific music without anybody else interpreting it for us. Long may we have connection with the music passed on from our ancestors, and long may we continue to pass on the music for our next generations. Know that our music is a powerful force, forged from a thousand generations, that can elevate our dignity, express our love, break barriers and inhibitions within our own and other cultures, let us open up our minds to the songs in the winds and the skies for they will lead the way to our destinies and give the joy and sadness of our music for all to hear. Never underestimate what we have had in our possession for thousands of years, use it with open hearts, maintain the essence of our "Pacificness" and it will repay you more than you can ever imagine." Quote Pati Umaga (Executive Producer, The Pacific Nation Record Company)


The Kokonut Wireless...

What on earth is the "Kokonut Wireless"? The Kokonut being the popular Coca Cola of the South Pacific and the old Island way of spreading news without the need of a radio has given birth to the "Kokonut Wireless". Having trouble getting your community announcement out there or trying to make an online request or dedication? Why not try the "Kokonut Wireless" and send us your Dedications, Birthday Calls, Shout-outs, Talofa-cations, Kia Ora-cations and Malo e lelei-a-lations .

"Kulture Korner - our newest segment featuring myths and legends of the South..."


Contact Pacific Wave:


Radio 4EB FM Pacific Wave, PO Box 7300 East Brisbane QLD 4169

In Person

140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point under the Story Bridge


(07) 3240 8600


(07) 3240 8686


(07) 3240 8633





What is a website without links? Check out some of our associates and friends who help keep the flame burning for our Island Youth, taking the light of today, to ensure it shines on tomorrow.

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Niu FM The National Pacific Radio Network of New Zealand broadcasts a modern semi-Polynesian urban come RnB mix of entertainment during the day with nationwide PI community language programmes by night for the vast communities throughout Aotearoa from the Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu.

Pacific Partners Bridging the Pacific with the Word of God and fine network of Pacific Island language-based Christian radio stations. Outreaching to the spiritual needs of our Pacific neighbours.

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Pacific Wave . . . the very name evokes images of exotic tropical islands. They are images well deserved, for the beauty of the islands is matched by the spirit of the Pacific people and the richness of their cultural traditions.

 Mereadani Qalovakawasa,                                                                                            

 Every oportunity we get, we visit the Pacifika Festivals held around Brisbane.

It gives us a chance to meet with groups that so far have not been represented at 4EB.

Here we met with the Kiribati performance group out at Deception Bay.


 Pelu Veikoso, Tongan Convener, broadcaster and panel operator was an early supporter of Pacific Wave and has continued this connection by joining the crew whenever out on location.

Here with Irene both in Blue to support our Greek partners at their Paniyiri Festival, all in support of 4EB and all other programs.


 Pacific Wave Crew at the airport in Auckland after a journey to the Biggest Pasifika Festival of all. The Pasifika held every march at Western Springs.

Was a great time to visit all the other Island displays with Food, Entertainment and plenty of artifacts and souvenirs.

Also time to update our music library with the latest in P.I music.

Entertainment is always "The Best" of the upcoming P.I. Performers plus the local community groups.

Pictured: Pelu, Sulieni, Irene, Uni.



and Sulieni was our Distant Reporter from " the land of the long white cloud"  at the time he was living and working in Auckland.

He was the News Presenter for Tonga TV and also the News Presenter for Samoan TV News.

Always good to have contacts, so we able to  meet other media people and visit the TV Studios and watch the production side of things that are a little bit different from radio.

Was great to see Sulieni on TV instead of on radio.

Sulieni is now a presenter on the Tongan program here in Brisbane.  Mondays at 7.45pm and Fridays at 6am


Pictured: Uni, Irene, Pelu and Sulieni

   Everyone helps out when there is an outside broadcast. The crew went out to the Samoan Independance Day Celebrations and here we have Taulini, Levali and           from the Samoan program relaying live to the program the activities as they happen.
   Niue is the programing group heard on Wednesdays at 9.30am. They are a fairly new group to 4EB and here they were well represented at the Zillmere Multicultural Festival.

Photos from the recent Pacifika Event at Goodna

   Lome Swan, Ruby Jones, Levale Lio                                                                                                          Cook Island Group

                                                                                  Fijian Group