OXYGEN - Youth Radio Group

ON AIR - Friday nights 9.15pm - 10.00pm

Oxygen first hit the 4EB airwaves in 2003 and since then it has been constantly evolving allowing the Youth of Brisbane to have a voice on Friday nights.

This award winning youth radio program with fresh innovative content plays the best popular music from around the globe. It's a show where young people can meet, share their culture, learn and respect the differences in each other's culture as well.

The Oxygen program not only introduces young people to radio on Radio 4EB but it also provides a unique pathway for members to participate in additional programs later. This overall learning experience in mass communication assists and encourages all young people to succeed. A number of past Oxygen members are now working fulltime in news and other media organisations as a direct result of their Oxygen experience.

This Youth program has the full support of management, staff and the  Board of Directors of 4EBFM.


Contact Oxygen Group - Live in the studio on Friday Nights

3240 8686

Have your say or just send us an email in support of the program

Email: oxygen@4eb.org.au

Listen to the program live online at 4eb.org.au



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