Notice of Special General Meeting - New EBAQ Ltd. Constitution

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All Radio 4EB members are invited to the Special General Meeting of the Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland Limited (EBAQ Ltd) on Sunday 5 May 2019.


This Special General Meeting has been organised for members to vote on the new constitution of Radio 4EB. To view and read this new constitution, please click on the link below: 


The Special General Meeting will be held at the premises of Radio 4EBFM, 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point. The meeting will commence at 9.00am. 


Only current financial members of the organisation may vote at this Special General Meeting. If you are unable to attend this meeting but still would like to have your say in this new constitution, you may appoint a proxy. Proxy forms must be submitted to the office of Radio 4EB FM by 9.30am on Thursday 2 May 2019. Proxy forms can be found here: