Multicultural Programme

Multicultural Programme

Wednesdays 2.15pm to 3.00pm


Broadcaster Richard Heritage

The Multicultural Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 17 October 1981 and the first committee members were:-

Convenor ~ Pamela Tomes (Acting)

Secretary ~ Brother Vincent (Acting)

Treasurer ~ Vicky Zografos

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The Multicultural Group has added more shows to it's programme.


Tim Easton - Broadcaster and Panel Operator


Men's Stories - hosted by Tim Easton can be heard on Global Digital every Friday afternoon from 3.30pm.

Men's Stories features conversations with men from all walks of life and the music that inspires them.


Kirk Knipmeyer - Broadcaster and Panel Operator


The Captain's Hour - hosted by Captain Kirk himself is a show that highlights "All things American"  including Music, Arts and Culture.

The show can be heard every Thursday afternoon at 4.00pm on Global Digital!


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