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Thursday 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Fijian Youth -" Dua Viti FM"

On-Air Friday Nights 10.00pm - 10.45pm

"Nai Rogo Mai Viti"

Saturday Nights 9.45pm - 10.30pm

"Vuka Bogi"

On-Air 1st Saturday Night Every Month 12 Midnight - 6.00am


Program History

Earliest records show that the Fijian Group commenced it's on-air journey with 4EB in 1985. The first committee  formed consisted of Mosese Tagivetaua, Aminiasi Laveta, Isikele Tuirabe, Kelevi Rogica, Boyan Crompton, Moriti Nabuta and Agie Gutugutuwai.


The first programs were 90 mins in duration. The group's membership fluctuated with the comings and goings of university students and only a small population of permanent residents in Brisbane. At one point there were insufficient members for the program to survive. Fortunately it was only a short time and a new committee saw the revival of the program “Nai Rogo Mai Viti” with a 45 minute program on Saturday evenings.


By 2003 the membership increased and by September we secured another 45 minute program on Friday evenings. This program produced by the Youth, was christened “Dua Viti FM”.


At the time we also commenced an overnight program knwn as “Vuka Bogi” on the first Saturday of the month. This program continues now from midnight until 6am. The first two hours from midnight until 2am is filled with popular music. From 2am until 5am you can listen to a unique music mix of Gospel, Popular and Choir music. From 5am until 6am is usually a Church Service with Gospel music.


Dua Viti FM Broadcasters have been Salote Laubuka, Uni Laubuka, Mereadani Qalovakawasa, Mereani Qalovakawasa.

Present broadcasters: Lote Laubuka and Mereadani Qalovakawasa.

Producer and Panel Operator: Irene Tavutavu


Nai Rogo Mai Viti Broadcasters have been, S. Vasserman, Peni Volavola, Laisa Barton, Wani Vennik, Marianna Collins, Adi Mar, Vili Qalovakawasa, Irene Tavutavu.

Present Broadcasters: Laisa Barton, Vili Qalovakawasa, Irene Tavutavu.

Producer and Panel Operator: Irene Tavutavu.


Vuka Bogi

Commenced with Wani Venik and Mariana Collins, until 4am with Pastor Peceli Viriki from 4am till 6am with Life by the Gospel.

Present Broadcasters: Laisa Barton, Vili Qalovakawasa, Irene Tavutavu. The Gospel contribution is reproduced from Fiji Radio.

Producer and Panel operator: Irene Tavutavu.



Past Convenors:

1985 – 1987 Mosese Tagivetaua

1993 – 1994 J. Mar

1995 – 1996 S Vasserman

1997 -  Peni Volavola

1998 – 2000 Laisa Barton

2001 – 2002 Wani Vennik

2002 – Present - Irene Tavutavu, also Secretary to the Board of Directors since 2003. Qld Womens representative for NEMBC since 2003.


The Group is also responsible for the Pacific Wave program broadcast on Monday afternoons at 4.30pm.

Fiji broadcasters have included Selita Laubuka, Mereani Qaolovakawasa, Uni Laubuka, Salote Laubuka, Vika and Mere Laubuka.


The latest Fijian News is sourced from Viti FM or Bula FM direct from Fiji.

In the past the program relied on someone bringing back newspapers, but today's technology and socal media sources allow us to source the latest news broadcasts from Fiji. This is great for all Sports reports.


Music Requests

You can make requests for announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, shout outs or Grog (Kava) Parties by either email at or call the studio during the program on 3240 8686.



If you would like to promote your business through sponsorship of the Fijian Program you can call the office of Radio 4EB during office hours on 3240 8600. Competitive Rates available, just talk to Silvia.







                 Nai Rogo Mai Viti Broadcaster, Vili Qalovakawasa

Vili commenced part time broadcasting with 4EB early 2000 along  with Wani Venik, Mariana Collins and Asena Rasolea.  After a few years break, in 2010 Vili decided to rejoin the broadcasting team. He has completed and passed the Broadcaster Training course that is offered free to all members of 4EB, and is now a regular on the Saturday "Nai Rogo Mai Viti" Program.                                                                                           


 Laisa & Irene with visiting artists Irami Buli & Abraham Lagi.

Irami & Abraham were here in May 2011 taking part with other Pacific Island Artist who were displaying their works at the Pacific Storms Exibition being held at the Logan Central Art Centre in May 2011

The boys were delighted to come on the the program and tell us all about Modern Art in Fiji.

You can listen live to this interview.

 Sunia Bai from Raki Raki. The Man you hear tell the Funny Stories.

 Irene interviewing members of the "Viti Vou" entertainment group at the Westin Hotel December 2010




 Viti Vou Entertainment Group.

Performing Fire Walking and Traditional Cultural Meke at the Westin Hotel, Denarau Island.

This group have researched traditional Meke and Talanoa, and the ones that they perform had not been performed for over 200 years.

They also use traditionally hand made weapons in their performance.

They have been performing at Westin since it opened.


(Group interviewed for 4EB Fijian Program)


 Apakuki Waqa and Irene Tavutavu in the Studios of Radio One FBCL Suva Fiji. Jan 2012

Apakuki is known as "Ratu Retio" and hosts the 5am till 9am weekday program on Radio One Fiji. He is the Program Director for RAdio One has been with FBCL for over 15 years. His favourite music is the old time style and we have been very fortunate to have him make available to us some of that music from his own personal collection.

Apakuki presently prepares the weekly news and sports report from Fiji for our programs on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We appreciate very much the time and effort he puts in to make this news progam personalised for 4EB FM

(Listen to the Podcast).



This is Canua, a mountain peak in the Sabeto Range commonly known as The Sleeping Giant Range.

The Nabau Youth of Sabeto will soon be conducting tours to this site, and while Irene was on her 2012 trip decided to take the opportunity to be the First Nabau Marama to do the trek.

The view from the top offers a 360 deg view over all over Nadi Bay thru to Lautoka and is well worth the effort.

This Trek will soon to be added  the Tourist List of fabulous things to do while in Fiji.


 During my 2012 visit to Suva and FBCL I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to see how a commercial station operates and see the equipment they have.

FBCL are in a brand new building and are enjoying all the latest up to date equipment. 

It was all action with Radio One's Luisa Utonika, who is currently the Morning Program Presenter. Luisa  started as a junior copy writer in the advertising department.


 Bure Tui Sabeto.
 Meeting House of the Council of Great Chiefs, Suva

Duaviti Crew.

Panel Irene Tavutavu

Mereadani Qalovakawasa,

(rear) Uni Laubuka, (front)  Salote Laubuka.


Local Fijian Youth visiting Duaviti Crew in the studio.

All members of the community are welcome to join us at anytime.  We love to have guests on the program.

  Fiji community singers at Ipswich Multicultural Festival 2011

Mereadani Qalovakawasa, Our main stay Duaviti broadcaster. Mereadani has been with Duaviti Crew for approx 7 years now and has worked both behind the panel as Panel Operator and Producer, but now sticks to the Broadcasting side of the program. You can hear her every Friday night at 10pm along with Salote Laubuka.

Mereadani's sister has been a regular on the Pacific Wave program for approx 2 1/2 years, and Yes their Dad Vili is a regular on the Saturday night program.

 Duaviti Crew Salote Laubuka, Mereani Qalovakawasa and Uni Laubuka
  Laisa Barton
 Irene Tavutavu, Program Coordinator,Producer, Panel Operator and Broadcaster.
 Mereadani Qalovakawasa.


       If you would like to listen to the latest broadcasts, follow this link;