Albanian Programme

Albanian Programme

Thursday night from 7.45pm to 8.30pm.

Hakki Braho - Broadcaster

The Albanian Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 16 February 1991 and the first committee members were:-

Convenor & Secretary ~ Sami Flamuri

Treasurer ~ Mithat Krasnici

Vice-convenor ~ Naim Flamuri

Assistant Treasurer ~ Patricia Krasnici

Assistant Secretary ~ Duko Myrteza

Other Committee Members ~ Pjeter Pekaj, Odilla Pekaj, Flamur Rama, Nadjijie Rama, Remzye Xhemojlaj, Shtsefsen Shyti, Paska Shyti, Paul Pekaj, Gillian Murati.

The Republic of Albania is a small, mountainous country on south-eastern Europe's Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Adriatic Sea to the west and with land borders to Greece to the south and Serbia and Montenegro to the east. Albania occupies an important strategic location in the Balkans along the Strait of Otranto which links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

The name Albania is derived from an ancient Illyrian tribe, the Albanoi, forebears of the modern Albanians. The Albanian name for the country is Shqiperise or 'Land of the Eagle'. The capital of Albania is Tirana and its national independence day is 28 November. Albania's population is approximately 3 million (2011 est).

If you want to listen to the most recent radio broadcast follow this link