Fresh Crew - Samoan Youth Breakfast Show

'Fresh Crew Radio'


Thursday Morning 6.00am - 7.45am

Join your local Islanders - Lady Koolio and Frosty

The Fresh Crew Breakfast Radio Show has been one of the pioneer radio programs of Radio 4EB. This program is all about the Samoan and Polynesian Youth Culture. We encourage our young people to strive, work hard and achieve all they want to out of life. This is more than just a radio show, this has become an important part of the Samoan Community.

Fresh Crew is proud to be involved with mentor programs in local high schools, University Pasifika associations and local community groups to strengthen and promote Samoan culture in South-East Queensland.

What type of music do we play?

You'll only hear the 'FRESH'est Island and Urban Music. Fresh Crew is a proud supporter of local artists and producers from all ages and genres. We have an abundance of local talent who join us in the studio to share their gift of music and share their experiences to inspire budding artists to pursue their passion of music.

The program has been lucky to work alongside top local promoters who have brought some of the biggest names in polynesian/reggae music to Brisbane.

We also have Island flavoured segments and discussions that will make you laugh, cry, ponder and more that will leave you thinking "What Da Frrrrrrrrrrrresh!!!!??"

Be inspired each Thursday morning with FRESH INSPIRATION. Prepare to have your thoughts stimulated and challenged with "The week that was..." Keep up to date with the latest gigs, festivals and showcases with "What's the HAPS". 

It's a busy show and one not to miss each Thursday Morning - 6.00am - 7.45am

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