You are invited to the Annual General Meeting and Elections of the Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland Limited on Sunday 29th September 2019.  The Annual General Meeting will be held at the premises of Radio 4EB, 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point.  The meeting will commence at 9.30am. 



 1.         Opening and apologies

 2.         Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

 3.         President's report

 5.        Treasurer's report

6.             Manager's report

7.             Introduction of candidates

 8.         Appointment of scrutineers

 9.         Special Resolution (see below)

10.        Election of Directors

11.        General Business                  


Copies of Financial Statements and Auditor's Report will be distributed to members attending the Annual General Meeting.





On recommendation from the Governance Sub-Committee the Board propose a Special Resolution at the AGM to extend the term of office for Board Director, Nikolay Dmyterko.  It is the Board’s opinion that in the interest of the Company this motion be put to the members to ensure continuity of corporate knowledge at this time. 


Resolution:  “The members of the Company agree to reappoint Nikolay Dmyterko as a Director for a further 12 month term in accordance with the provision of section 41.7 of the Company Constitution”.





If you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting, you may appoint a proxy.  The proxy form is attached. Proxy forms must be submitted to the office of Radio 4EB by 9.30am on Friday 27th September 2019.






As per section 41 of the Company’s Constitution, a number of Directors are retiring at this AGM.  The Board would like to thank the following Directors for their service and commitment to the Company over many years:


Retiring Directors

Minas Cassimatis, Irene Bayldon, Lucy Stewart, Rashpal Singh-Heyer, Sarah Lio-Willie.  We also have one vacant position due to the earlier resignation of May Yuen.


Should the Special Resolution be passed by the members, then there will be an election of six (6) Director positions. 


Should the Special Resolution not be passed by the members, then there will be an election of seven (7) Director positions. 


Please see below the list of nominees for Director positions.  There are brief CV’s of the nominees on display at the station and available on this page as a PDF file.






Andreas Stavrou


Jayantha Wickramatunga

Leapaiva’a II Tuala T Leapai


Levale Lio

Nicolle Spijkerman


Patricia McPherson

Patricia Sevele


Sewar Mitanis

Stavros (Steve) Liassi


Wynn Te Kani