We would like to thank the many volunteers who contribute to the station's programs and events

Can I become a Volunteer at Radio 4EB FM ?
Yes, you can join 4EB FM as a volunteer.

Do I have to be a member of 4EB FM ?
Yes, you do have to belong to one of 4EB FM 's Ethnic Groups. see 4EB FM Groups

What kind of work can I do for my Group?
You can help with mail outs, become a panel operator, a radio announcer or undertake numerous other group activities.

Will I need to be trained?
Yes, you will need to have a panel operators licence if you want to broadcast.

Will I have to pay to be trained?
No, if you are a member of 4EB FM, training is free to approved applicants. see Training

How to become a 4EB FM Volunteer?
Contact a particular Group organiser (Convenor) or ask The Office for more information.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?
You work as a team and make new friends, meet new people, participate in events and most of all have fun. Previous Volunteers have gone on to successful careers in Commercial Radio and Television.

Please email the office if you need more information: info@4eb.org.au or telephone (07) 3240 8600.