Serbian Programme

Serbian Programme

Tuesday 8.30pm to 10.00pm

Sunday 6.00am to 7.30am


Ilija - Panel Operator


The Serbian Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 1 December 1979 and the first committee members were:-

Convenor ~ Vojislav Nikolic

Secretary ~ Mara Nikolic

Treasurer ~ Lazar Stoimenoff

Vice-convenor ~ Petar Ivanoski

Other Committee Member ~ Mihajlo Nastic

Serbia is a country located in the Balkans (a historical and geographical region of southeastern Europe) and in the Pannonian Plain (a region of central Europe). It shares it's borders with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Romania. Serbia claims a border with Albania as well through its disputed territory of Kosovo. It is landlocked, although access to the Adriatic is available through Montenegro, and the Danube River provides shipping access to inland Europe and the Black Sea.

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