Portuguese Programme

Portuguese Programme

Saturday 3.00pm to 4.00pm

Sunday 8.00pm to 9.00pm


Lilian Dias - Panel Operator / Broadcaster

The Portugese Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 26 January 1981 and the first committee member was:-

Convenor ~ A W Wilkie

Portugal is a coastal nation in southwestern Europe, located at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain (on its northern and eastern frontiers: a total of 1,214 km (754 mi)). Portuguese territory also includes a series of archipelagoes in the Atlantic Ocean (the Azores and Madeira), which are strategic islands along western sea approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. In total, the country occupies an area of 92,090 km2 (35,560 sq mi) of which 91,470 km2 (35,320 sq mi) is land and 620 km2 (240 sq mi) water.

Despite these definitions, Portugal's border with Spain remains a unresolved territorial dispute between the two countries. Portugal does not recognise the border between Caia and Cuncos River deltas, since the beginning of the 1801 occupation of Olivenza by Spain. This territory, though under de facto Spanish occupation, remains a de jure part of Portugal, consequently no border is henceforth recognised in this area.

To listen to the latest broadcast, follow this link;  http://www.4eb.org.au/ondemand