Radio Training in 2017

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Radio Training at Radio 4EB

If you're thinking about a media career Radio 4EB located at Kangaroo Point near the city is a great place to start. This is Brisbane's only full-time multicultural radio station and offers a complete Panel Training course for members on Monday nights and Thursday afternoons. You must be prepared to participate in a language or multicultural program.      4EB also has a number of youth programs to choose from as well including the popular Oxygen Multicultural program broadcast live on Friday nights.


The next Broadcast Induction Session

 will be held on Tuesday night the 5 December at 6.15pm.

next Panel Training Courses begin 29 January 2018.

 Become a member and register for thes sessions by contacting Radio 4EB on 3240 8600


For more information on Radio Training go to the Training link.