Radio 4EB Training in 2017

Broadcast Induction Sessions will be held monthly in 2017 to assist all language groups with new members. This is the first step in becoming involved in a language group. It's also a great way to find out more about Radio 4EB.

These information sessions are held on the first Tuesday night of every month from 6pm - 8pm and includes a short questionnaire at the end. This will indicate an understanding of the basic regulations of community broadcasting, workplace health and safety, broadcast requirements, code of practice for community broadcasters, CBF compliance, sponsorship requirements, defamation and 4EB By-laws.

Please Note: All 4EB Broadcasters are required to hold a current broadcasting licence to be involved in on-air programs. It is also a requirement that you are a financial member before attending the Broadcast Induction Session so you can be ready to be involved in 4EB Programs. All applications will need approval by the language group convenor prior to the Broadcast Induction. On receipt of your application the office will be able to arrange broadcast training approval, and the Training Coordinator will then advise you of the date for the session. 

The Next Broadcast Induction Session

will be held on

Tuesday night the 5th of September 2017 at 6pm.


Panel Training

Radio Panel training courses will be available to all Radio 4EB members in 2017. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your own language group or one of our many youth groups on the air during the week.

Being able to operate a radio panel is a real skill in broadcasting. It could be a pathway that leads to a new career in the media industry.

Radio 4EB conducts Radio Panel courses every 9 weeks on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. All applicants must hold a current Broadcaster's licence and be a financial member of 4EB.

All applications will need approval by the language group convenor prior to attending the Panel training course.

This hands on practical course has a limited number of places available with all panel trainees expected to complete 6 hours of studio practice before being able to sit for their practical and written test normally in week 8.


Panel Training Classes

Please Note:

All 4EB Panel applicants must hold a current Broadcasting licence

to be involved in Panel Training and future on-air programs.


Applications for radio training are welcome at any time and can be downloaded from the link below or picked up from the office at 4EB. Radio training at 4EB is free providing you are a financial member and willing to contribute to a language group.

Jeff Milne is 4EB's Training Coordinator.

Producing and broadcasting a programme for radio can be fun and exciting. Whether as a hobby or as a stepping stone to a career in broadcasting. Producing your own radio program requires patience, dedication and confidence. These skills don't come naturally, they are the result of hours of practice, and above all training.

The Eight week course is conducted at Radio 4EB for members wishing to learn the correct use of the panel. Your 4EB Training Coordinator, Jeff Milne, has spent many years in radio and he has the experience to guide you through the latest panel training techniques used by professional broadcasters today.

Week 1 Introduction to Studio Broadcast Equipment: Brief training notes will be provided. Learn about the '3 Studio priorities', Setting microphone levels, Cuing CD's and Records, also a guided tour of the panel reveals what the buttons and faders do. 

Week 2 Learn about the studio computer programs, Audacity and the Studio Playout program, Mairlist. You will also learn how to work with a Program Rundown. 

Week 3 Learn about the studio Take-Over Procedure, the 1 minute – 3 minute rule for changing studios and putting pre-recorded programs to air. By now you will be familiar with the panel and basics of cueing items to go to air.   

Week 4 This week we focus on Guest management and Interviewing techniques for radio. 

Week 5 Putting a Radio show together will be the focus of this week's lesson, covering content and sequencing. 

Weeks 6 Student Practice session for your practical panel test. Also we have a look at portable recording equipment that can be used in the field. 

Week 7 Student Practice session for your practical panel test and review.

Week 8 If ready students may sit for their practical and written test and obtain a panel licence to begin conducting programs on Radio 4EB.

 All students taking part in the radio training courses are encouraged to book the training studio to practice their panelling skills weekly from week 1 onwards. You will need at least 6 hours of studio practice to feel confident  and competent in panel skills.



 Training Classes are held on Monday nights from 5.45pm to 8pm sharp.
Saturday morning from 9.45am to 12Noon sharp.



Application Forms for the Broadcast Induction Session are available right here: