Join one of our Youth Group Programs

Are you a regular listener to any one of our youth programs during the week or would you like to become involved but not sure how to go about it?

All our Youth programs like Oxygen, FreshCrew, Italian, Radio Baraki are looking for new members in 2017. Find out more by heading to the website or calling Radio 4EB.

Well...It's easy if you have the enthusiasm, an interest in music, culture or entertainment.

To find out about becoming a youth broadcaster get in contact with one of our youth groups by clicking on the Youth Group link on our website or just give 4EB a call during office hours Monday to Friday and simply ask for more information.

Community broadcasting is a pathway for young people to directly experience what live radio is all about from production to producing or hosting your own program on 4EB.

All youth broadcasters need to be financial members of Radio 4EB and need to undertake Radio Training  which is a benefit of your membership.

As a youth broadcaster you will learn new skills, new life skills and also learn to communicate with other young people and the wider community.

So...get involved today in community radio with Radio 4EBFM 98.1 and be more than just a radio listener...




Oxygen group - Friday Nights

 Fresh Crew - Thursday Mornings 


...It could be the start of your media career.