4EB's January 2018 Newsletter

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Radio Training News

 The next 4EB Broadcast/Induction Training session is coming up on on Tuesday Night 6 February, 2018 at 6.15pm. This is held for all new members and prospective new broadcasters and it's the first step in becoming involved in 4EB Programs. Remember, you must be a financial member to attend this session. Application forms available online. Applications are now being accepted for the next Panel Training Classes due to begin in March, 2018. The Thursday class 12noon - 2pm begins on 15 March while the next Monday night class will begin on 26 March, 2018. Places are limited.

Human Rights Award for Community Broadcasters

 The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC) on behalf of ethnic community broadcasters around Australia has won the prestigious Human Rights Commission’s Award for it's campaign: Racism. It Stops With Me Award.

The NEMBC is deeply honoured to accept this award and acknowledges its President Dr. Tangikina Steen, the NEMBC board members and staff for their work in supporting ethnic community broadcasters.

Keep Community Radio


Get Active and support the Keep The Community In Your Radio campaign – and 4EB would love you to get involved! 

Outside In Monday nights on 4EB at 11.00pm



Outside In is a new weekly Multicultural Magazine style show broadcast every Monday night at 11.00pm on Radio 4EB and is replayed Friday afternoon at 1.00pm. It's also available as a podcast through On Demand on 4eb.org.au 

Brisbane City Council Events


Are you ready for Storm Season? It's important to prepare your home and learn what to do if you are impacted by storm and flooding. The Brisbane City Council is working with residents to prepare for severe weather by asking you to sign up to the free Early Warning Alert Service, which sends you an alert w

Whenever severe weather may be about to impact your area. Find out more from the BCC website below.

Did you know there are around 40 Food Trucks around the city and now you can track down your favourite one by using the Brisbane Food Trucks website. This is your one stop shop to find out where an when they are serving in Brisbane. you can even find out about menus and even book them for your next event. This is one way Brisbane City Council is building our local economy while supporting new and innovative jobs.  bnefoodtrucks.com.au

For more information, visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Fair Comment on 4EB, Global and Zed Digital

The award winning 'Fair Comment' is an independent community radio Current Affairs Interview style program that goes on air every Monday on 4EB FM 98.1 at 10.30pm and Global Digital at 1.30pm. The new program produced by Radio 4EB and 4ZZZ will provide a fresh new focus on topics that are on your mind and will feature 'Fair Comment' from community broadcasters around Australia.

Listen to Fair Comment on Monday Nights at 10.30pm on 4EB FM 98.1, Global Digital on Thurdays at 1.30pm and on ZED Digital at 6pm

Email your thoughts to faircomment@4eb.org.au

'The Wire' returns in Feb 2018

'The Wire' is an independent current affairs news program produced by a consortium of progressive community broadcasters from Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The Program is produced in Brisbane on Fridays.

'The Wire' is broadcast on Radio 4EB Monday to Friday at 5.30am and Monday to Thursday at 1.00pm.

You can listen back to any of the interviews broadcast in 2017 by clicking on the website below.


Check your membership contact details for 4EB

Are you a regular listener to Radio 4EB?

Do you have a favourite language program...then become a member. Help support your language group on-air each week with your yearly membership.

Please keep in mind when renewing your membership to advise us of any changes to your contact details such as phone numbers, address changes or even a change to your email address.

Youth Radio Groups looking for new Members

If you think Radio is fun to listen to... its even more fun being a broadcaster or panel operator on one of our many youth radio programs. 

All of our Youth Programs across the week are now looking for new members. It's easy to join, receive some training, learn a new skill and be a part of a fun radio program. Find out more by simply calling Radio 4EB and ask how you can get involved.

Community broadcasting is also a great pathway for young people to directly experience what live radio is all about from production to producing and even hosting your own program on 4EB or GLOBAL.

All youth broadcasters need to be financial members of Radio 4EB and from there we can train you to be a broadcaster and panel operator.

As a youth broadcaster you'll learn new skills, make new friends, learn some life skills as well as learn to communicate with other young people and the wider community.

Get involved in community radio with Radio 4EBFM 98.1 and be more than just a radio listener...

...It could be the start of your media career.