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Fete de la Musique

Brisbane City Council is calling on local musicians to register for ‘Fete de la Musique’.

This event is held in more than 450 cities across the world each year, all on June the 21st.

Musicians, both amateur and professional, are being asked to sign up to perform in public spaces on the day.

Now in its seventh year in Brisbane, this free event provides a platform for all people who love making music, to entertain the public.

Registrations close on Monday, April the 21st.  

For information on how to register call Council’s Contact Centre on 3-4-0-3 double 8 double 8

or visit

More council information listed below. Click *here* to view it.

Radio Training in 2014

Desk Close Shot

Radio Training at Radio 4EB

If you're thinking about a media career and looking for an opportunity to learn about radio, there's no better place to start than with Radio 4EB. Brisbane's only fulltime multicultural radio station offers a complete Panel Training course on Saturday mornings and Monday and Tuesday nights, providing you become a member and are prepared to take part in a language or multicultural program. There are a number of Youth programs to choose from as well.

Broadcast/information sessions are held monthly for all new members and others interested in radio training while Panel Training courses are conducted every 8 weeks.

The next Broadcast Information session

 will be held on Tuesday night the 6th of May at 6pm.

You will need to become a member and register for this session by contacting Radio 4EB on 3240 8600


For more information on Radio Training go to the Training link on our menu.

Position Available - Current Affairs Radio Producer - The Wire

Current Affairs Radio Producer – The Wire (Brisbane)

The Wire is a national current affairs radio program that is broadcast live on the Community Radio Network Satellite each weekday. The Friday program is broadcast from 4EB and QUT studios from 5.04pm through to 5.30pm. The position of Executive Producer for the Brisbane based Friday program is available. The position requires a commitment to work on Thursdays and Fridays to produce the program. The position is 10 hours per week paid at a casual rate.

Gunjot Singh


The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Radio 4EB are pleased to announce the recipient of the "Radio 4EB Ethnic Scholarship" to be undertaken through QUT Creative Industries, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus. Facilitated by the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gibson, the scholarship commenced in 2001 and will be funded by QUT on a yearly basis to a successful applicant. We would like to introduce the winner for 2014 Gunjot Singh.

My name is Gunjot Singh and I was born and raised in Queensland but come from a Punjabi/ Indian background. Currently, I’m in my 3rd year of university at QUT, pursuing Bachelor of Journalism/ Bachelor of Laws, as a fulltime student. I have a great interest in media as it keeps society informed and is fast-paced and active work. I’m also passionate about expanding cross-cultural relations between the growing Punjabi community and other cultures in Brisbane. In my spare time, I enjoy Bollywood dancing, Indian food and Bhangra music! I look forward to meeting and working with everyone at 4EB!


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Where are you from?

Where are you From? talks to the extraordinary people in our multicultural community about their lives, their cultural identities and how they came to Australia.

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Fair Comment on air every Thursday

The award winning 'Fair Comment' is an independent community radio Current Affairs Interview style program will air every Thursday on 4EB FM 98.1 and Global Digital at 1.30pm. The new program produced by Radio 4EB and 4ZZZ will provide a fresh new focus on topics that are on your mind and will feature 'Fair Comment' from community broadcasters around Australia.

Listen on Thursdays to 4EB FM 98.1 and Global at 1.30pm and on ZED Digital at 6pm

Email your thoughts to

'The Wire'

'The Wire' is an independent current affairs news program produced by a consortium of progressive community broadcasters from Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The Program is produced in Brisbane on Fridays.

'The Wire' is broadcast on Radio 4EB Monday to Friday at 5.30am and Monday to Thursday at 1.00pm.

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Do you have a favourite language program...then why not become a new member. Your language group needs your support.

Now is a great time to become a new member to support Radio 4EB.

Join one of our Youth Group Programs

Are you a regular listener to any one of our youth programs during the week or would you like to become involved but not sure how to go about it?

All of our Youth programs like Oxygen, FreshCrew, Italian, Radio Baraki are looking for new members in 2014. Find out more by heading to the website or calling Radio 4EB.

Well...It's easy if you have the enthusiasm, an interest in music, culture or entertainment.

To find out about becoming a youth broadcaster get in contact with one of our youth groups by clicking on the Youth Group link on our website or just give 4EB a call during office hours Monday to Friday and simply ask for more information.

Community broadcasting is a pathway for young people to directly experience what live radio is all about from production to producing or hosting your own program on 4EB.

All youth broadcasters need to be financial members of Radio 4EB first before becoming involved and you will also need to undertake radio training too (see training link) which is a benefit of your membership.

As a youth broadcaster you will learn new skills, new life skills and also learn to communicate with other young people and the wider community.

So...get involved today in community radio with Radio 4EBFM 98.1 and be more than just a radio listener...




Oxygen group - Friday Nights

 Fresh Crew - Thursday Mornings 


...It could be the start of your media career.



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